Webinar: Swedish-Indian collaboration on Energy- and Climate Smart Healthcare


An International Webinar: Transforming Indian Health facilities to be "Climate-smart/Energy Efficient"

Save the date: 19th October 2021
Time: 11.00 - 13.00 (CET) or 14:30 - 16:30 (IST).
Mode: Zoom webinar

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Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare and MAMTA Health Institute for Mother and Child have collaborated to catalyse the sustainable development the Sustainable Development Agenda focusing on Climate Action, Clean Energy, and Environment and Health.

Sweden is a global leader in building low-carbon economy, and Swedish hospitals use the most innovative energy-efficient healthcare solutions. On that account, an international webinar is being co-hosted to accelerate the knowledge-led dialogues between the thematic experts and administrative leaders. It is a platform to exchange experiences around the latest and most compatible energy-efficient solutions in the healthcare set-ups. The myriad of information-sharing and knowledge-building sessions will benefit the Public/Private health institutions for a more strategic response for transformation and energy-efficient solutions. 

Very soon, these webinars will link us to a network of potential and interested stakeholders in taking concrete actions. 

We are assertive with your valuable presence for transforming the Indian health system while decreasing carbon footprints. 

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 Time       (CEST)            Topic                                              Speakers                               
 10.55  Start of the Webinar  
 11.00  Welcome address and background context of the   Webinar  Dr. Sunil Mehra, Executive Director, MAMTA HIMC
 11.05   What is Sustainable HealthCare and why is   Nordics the world leader in this area?  Daniel Eriksson, Founder, Nordic Centre for Sustainable   Healthcare
 11:10  Inaugural Talk – I  Mr. Gautam Bhattacharyya, Minister Counsellor, Deputy Head   of Mission, Embassy of Sweden, New Delhi
 11.20  Inaugural Talk – II  Mr. Amitabh Awasthy, Health Secretary, Government of   Himachal Pradesh, India
 11.30  Stockholm: The leading County of Sweden in   Sustainable HealthCare  Malin Fijen Pascay, Chair of the Climate and Sustainability   Committee in Region Stockholm
 11.40  Keynote address  Professor Sanjeev Misra, Director - AIIMS, Jodhpur
 11.50  Indian Swedish Collaboration on Energy and   Climate-Smart HealthCare  Johannes Brundin, Co-founder of Nordic Centre for Sustainable   Healthcare
 12.00  Thought leadership/experience sharing from   private sector health care institutions, India - I

 Private Health Care Institutions

 Mr. Karthikeyan – CII – New Delhi
 Mr. Manu Kapila – Fortis Hospitals
 Dr. Nirmal Choraria, President, Private Doctors Association,   Surat
 Major General Naresh Vij - Hinduja Hospital

 12.15  Designing Sustainable Hospitals  Per Olsson, Sustainability Manager, Link Arkitektur
 12.25  Sustainability impact of adopting Swedish green   energy solutions to the Indian market  Ludvig Lindström, Swedish Energy Agency
 12.35  Thought leadership/experience sharing from public sector healthcare institutions, India – II

 Public Health Care Institutions

 Dr. Arun Gupta, (Delhi Government)
 Prof. Vikas Desai, (Former Additional Director- Family Welfare,   Govt. of Gujarat)
 Dr. Ashish Naik (Deputy Commissioner, Health and Hospital,   Surat Municipal Corporation, Gujarat)

 12.50  Open House Discussion  
 13.00  Concluding Remarks and Vote of Thanks

 Johannes Brundin, Co-founder of Nordic Centre for Sustainable Healthcare and Shantanu Sharma (Deputy Director, MAMTA HIMC)


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