New Member: Sahlgrenska University Hospital

New Member: Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Sahlgrenska University Hospital (Region Västra Götaland) is joining the NCSH network!

Based in Gothenburg, Sahlgrenska University Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in Northern Europe. The hospital describes their extensive organisation below:

"Sahlgrenska University Hospital has approximately 17,000 employees and about 65,000 operations are performed annually. Our operations, Orthopedic Technology and Sterile Technology are part of Sahlgrenska with around 140 employees. These are divided into one Orthopedic Technology and three Sterile Technology units. Orthopedic technology serves the hospital's patients and the whole of Gothenburg with orthopedic aids such as corsets, leg / arm prostheses and foot insoles and has approximately 11,000 patient visits annually. Sterilteknik has three Sterilization Centers, one for each hospital area (Sahlgrenska, Mölndal and Östra) where we each year wash, check and sterilize around 150,000 grids and specially packaged instruments that are used during surgery and reception visits within the hospital.

The environmental work within our units follows the guidelines developed by the Sahlgrenska University Hospital and we focus on machine processes, chemicals as well as the work that the staff do on a daily basis to minimize the environmental impact. The three Sterile Centers are relatively rebuilt or newly built and have been optimized with regard to electricity and water consumption through automated lighting and annual validations of the machinery.

The hot water from the dish-disinfectors has been reused for general heating since six months ago, meaning it contributes positively to the hospital's total environmental footprint.

During the autumn 2023, we have increased instrument handling at the Sterile Centers. The reason is a change in progress within the entire University Hospital to phase out disposable instruments, including round bowls, scissors and forceps that are used for small interventions in care wards and receptions.

To promote responsible waste management, our operations have implemented the recycling and waste sorting programs available at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. These efforts not only reduce waste to landfill but also conserve natural resources by promoting recycling.

The employees in Orthopedic Technology work in different receptions and use the unit's electric bicycles for their daily transport between the three hospitals (Sahlgrenska, Mölndals and Östra)."

Learn more about our newest member by visiting their website:

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