New Member: MedicSolution

New Member: MedicSolution

We are thrilled to welcome MedicSolution to the NCSH network!

This new member offers prefabricated constructions for healthcare and research – enabling reuse and efficient resource utilization. Here is how they present themselves to the network:

"At MedicSolution, we deliver prefabricated sought after modular constructions tailored to meet the requirements of critical societal infrastructure, such as hospitals and research facilities. Our modules are designed, planned, and manufactured in Sweden. They are fully integrated with equipment that is thoroughly tested and quality assured before delivery.

Our driving force lies in the co-creation of innovative, high-quality solutions with our clients, which contribute to sustainability and reusability, benefiting both individuals and society at large. We constantly strive to deliver enhanced functionality and greater value to our clients' ventures.

A sustainable approach to sustainable products
MedicSolution is certified in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001. This tells our customers that our approach is governed by clear policies that are well integrated into our daily operations. Our operations encompass areas such as the environment, quality, occupational health, and safety, as well as numerous critical stances that foster a secure and inviting work environment."

Learn more about MedicSolution:


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