New Member: Together Tech

New Member: Together Tech

Presenting the network's latest addition: Together Tech!

Together Tech "develop future products for a better world" – making them a great fit as a new member to NCSH. Below, they introduce themselves to the network:

"Together Tech is a value grounded product development partner that provides consultancy, advisory and development services to companies that share our vision for a better world. Medtech is one of our largest business areas, with more than 25 years' experience developing medical devices, from wound care products to more complex imageology products. You can come to us with an idea for a completely new Medtech product or an existing one that you want to improve. Our engineers help you to successfully balance MDR with usability and project efficiency. Our management system is certified according to ISO 13485.

We strongly believe in collaboration and a multidisciplinary approach to face the challenges of more sustainable products, production, and consumption. We seek to partner with different actors of the healthcare sector that are ready to phase the challenges for more circular societies and that support circular business models.

With the sustainability services portfolio, that goes from making Life Cycle Assessments to the design of implementation of management systems that support sustainability, we aim to help our customers to introduce sustainability as an integral part of their product development processes from the very early phases, not only from an environmental perspective, but for the social, economic and governance perspective."

Find out more about Together Tech's work, and how they can assist you, by visiting their website:

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