New Member: Sirona

New Member: Sirona

Sirona, dedicated to improving the care of today as well as of the future, is our network's latest addition.

We wish Sirona a warm welcome to NCSH and allow them to introduce themselves hereunder: 

'Sirona Health Solutions

Sirona, a Scandinavian consultancy, specializes in the life science and healthcare sectors. With a team equipped with deep analytical skills and a steadfast dedication to the betterment of healthcare systems, we engage with both public and private entities. Drawing upon our deep understanding of the sectors, we work with clients to diagnose fundamental issues and develop and implement solutions designed for the long-term sustainability of healthcare.

Our Objective: Proactive, Preventive, and Person-Centered Care

Sirona's vision is focused on fostering a shift towards healthcare that is proactive, preventive, and person-centered, ensuring optimal health benefits for every tax krona expended. This approach, while primarily benefiting patients, also plays a pivotal role in minimizing the environmental strain originating from healthcare activities. By prioritizing preventive health, endorsing health promotion,
and encouraging patient involvement, we can deter illnesses and reduce unwarranted medical interventions, thereby decreasing the resource and energy demands of healthcare. We also collaborate with private and public healthcare providers to refine operational efficiencies and process management.

Sustainability in Healthcare: Towards Efficient and Environmentally-Conscious Practices

Acknowledging the global urgency of climate challenges, Sirona supports clients within the life science sector in their pursuit of efficient and sustainable healthcare. Our projects encompass the formulation of proactive health strategies, the digitization and optimization of processes, the design of future-ready sustainable hospitals, and the evaluation of innovations with potential environmental benefits. With our comprehensive understanding of the healthcare domain and sophisticated analytical tools, Sirona remains committed to assisting our clients in their journey towards a more sustainable healthcare framework.'

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