New Member: Bona

New Member: Bona

Our new member will 'floor you' with their innovative approach!

We are thrilled to welcome Bona to the NCSH network. Here is how they successfully add flooring to the sustainable healthcare agenda:

'Floors in healthcare settings, such as linoleum, PVC, rubber, and LVT, require optimal safety and hygiene, along with efficient and easy maintenance. When these floors become unsafe or unhygienic due to wear or cracks, they are often unnecessarily replaced with a new floor. Bona provides professional solutions to renew these floors, rather than replacing them, ensuring a more sustainable maintenance and prolonged lifespan.

The Bona Solution provides a monolithic surface that seals the floor from microbial contaminants and bioload, while also simplifying the cleaning process. Moreover, the quick Bona floor renewal process ensures that patient and clinical rooms can quickly return to service, resulting in an impressive downtime reduction of up to 50 % and cost savings of up to 40 %. Research by the Swedish environmental Institute (IVL) confirmed a staggering reduction of up to 90 % in CO2 emissions and energy consumption compared to the alternative of replacing the entire floor.

Proper management of periodic maintenance is essential to avoid costly downtime and labor expenses, which can amount to millions of euros for facilities. That's why healthcare facilities worldwide have turned to Bona and its partners for innovative floor care and renewal. By doing so, they overcome budget challenges while enjoying additional benefits such as water, energy, and CO2 savings, ultimately extending the lifespan of their floors.

Bona is a family-owned, sustainably-driven company operating globally that supplies products for installing, renovating, maintaining and restoring of premium floors. Founded in 1919 in Sweden, Bona offers solutions for most premium floor surfaces including wood, tile, vinyl, resilient, rubber and laminate.'

To learn more about the savings and benefits for your organisation, ask for Bona floor solutions and contact Bona below:

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