New Member: Parmaco

New Member: Parmaco

This Friday, we are thrilled to be introducing Parmaco as a new member to our growing network!

Here is how they describe their work and contribution to the global sustainable healthcare journey:

"Parmaco provides a new way of building dynamic healthcare facilities. From an environmental point of view, it is of the essence that we have the right amount of spaces, at the right place at the right time. Our third generation modular buildings challenge traditional buildings in terms of quality, energy efficiency and usability – all while retaining the possibility to be flexed in size or ultimately moved."

Dynamic buildings
Parmaco aims to provide our customers across the Nordics with the flexibility to adapt to changing demographic demands by providing high-quality, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective buildings. Presently our customers have app. 330.000m2 in use in Sweden and Finland, and we aim to expand our market to other European countries shortly.

We adapt each of our buildings to the needs of our customers – such as day kindergartens, schools, or care facilities. When one need ends, we put the building to a new use or reincorporate its elements into a new building. This is circular economy at its best. We are a valued, sought after and trustworthy partner to our customers who benefit from our rental spaces, also financially.

Parmaco's unique steel-cell based buildings are optimal for the healthcare sector's needs, being adaptable, anti-allergenic, fireproof, and reaching up to 8 floors height. By 2026 the supply of CO2 free steel will enable us to build with without environmental impact – a possible first in the world.

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