Grønnköpingkið Monday: New Solution from Mölnlycke

Grønnköpingkið Monday: New Solution from Mölnlycke

Mölnlycke's safe and efficient solutions for the O.R. have moved into the world's greenest hospital!

Grønnköpingkið – the robust, digital hospital in the middle of the Nordics – is filled with sustainable solutions that care for the Planet, patients and staff. This Monday, we are happy to introduce Mölnlycke's solutions as new additions to the hospital:

"To prevent infections, we promote single-use products for the O.R. We recognise our responsibility to create high-quality, safe solutions that advance performance in healthcare, and at the same time, are resource-efficient and generate minimal CO2.

Sustainability is a strategic priority at Mölnlycke and WeCare is our Sustainability roadmap for 2030. It means creating shared value for all our stakeholders. It is a driver for growth, innovation and productivity and an essential part of our employee value proposition.

Our ambition is to transform our business to become a global leader in sustainable healthcare*.

As a leader in sustainable healthcare, we believe that it’s our responsibility to equip customers with innovative healthcare products in a way that’s sustainable – for our business, our employees, our communities and the planet. Zlatko Rihter, CEO.

We are increasing the number of products and packaging that use renewable, bio-based raw materials as we continue the push for sustainability across our product platforms to help customers meet their targets."

* By sustainable healthcare we mean a system based on sound environmental, social, and economic approaches that eliminates negative social, environmental, and economic impacts.

You can find Mölnlycke's solutions in Grønnköpingkið by clicking the button:

To Safe and Efficient Solutions for the O.R.

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