Grønnköpingkið Monday: New Solution From Silentia

Grønnköpingkið Monday: New Solution From Silentia

Looking for a hygienic and resource efficient alternative to privacy curtains?

This Monday, we are introducing you to Grønnköpingkið's latest addition: Silentia Screen System, an interior solution from Silentia. With long-lasting and sustainable design in mind, their screens add to even better infection control, patient care and flexibility in the world's greenest hospital:

"5 Design Principles for future-proof patient privacy

Our design principles are set in place to keep us on track as we develop new products. The principles are based on learnings from experts and users within our field to warrant our direction. They will guide our team to solve the correct problems and ensure that sustainability, hygiene, and long-term perspectives are integrated into the product development process.

1- Hygiene: We design for optimal infection control and care.
2- Safety: Our products are stable, reliable, and easy to use.
3- Durability: Our products are built to last and have a proven lifetime of 10+ years.
4- Reusability: All products and installation options are compatible, detachable, or portable.
5- Modular design for fast and local repairs: Our design allows quick and easy maintenance, locally."

You find Silentia’s solution in the category Interior Solutions by visiting the world’s greenest hospital:

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