New Member: Helsingborg Stad

New Member: Helsingborg Stad

Helsingborg stad has joined the NCSH network with their ambitious Health and Care service!

As a municipality in Scania County in Sweden, Helsingborg stad and The Health and Care service (Vård- och omsorgsförvaltningen) aim to assist and add to sustainable living conditions for their residents. Helsingborg stad explains their work further like this:

"The Health and Care service in Helsingborg local authority (Helsingborg stad) provides help and support to residents in regards to health-related matters affecting the elderly and those with disabilities. The directorate, with approximately 3 650 employees, is managed by the Director of Health and Care, by Annika Andersson, along with being governed by the elected Health and Care Board.

The services provided consist of care-home placements, short term care, home care and carers’ support. The Health and Care service is governed by the Social Services Act (SoL) and the Health and Medical Services Act (HSL), as well as the Act concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments (LSS.) The LSS service includes supported accommodation for children and adults, short-term placements, short-term supervision for young people in school, daily activities, personal assistance, companionship, contact person, support families and equipment and adaptations to the home. In addition to these mentioned areas, the Health and Care service also provide day centre activities, social groups, home assessments, a volunteer program and participation in city planning."

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