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    This November: A Roundtable for the Future of Polish Energy-Efficient Hospitals With Nordic Collaboration

    How can more energy-efficient hospitals in Poland be constructed and by what means?

    In November, we are thrilled to be part of organising a discussion focused on co-operation between Sweden and Poland to exchange knowledge, best practices, and technologies. The aim is to learn from each other and build a resilient healthcare sector.

    More information to come. Nordic participants can contact Johannes Brundin () and Polish participants Marcin Kautsch ().

    Date: 15 November 2022

    Time: 10.00–13.00 CET (with lunch)

    Location: Qubus Hotel Kraków (Krakow, Poland)

    Translation will be provided Polish-English.

    What is the context like?

    Political and environmental changes around the world are affecting daily life, with energy prices going through the roof. Impacts are reaching organisations as well as hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Keeping equipment running and maintaining heat in buildings are crucial factors for hospital functions – to ensure a safe patient environment and minimise environmental harm.

    Who should participate?

    Managers of hospitals, construction, energy, procurement, along with construction and refurbishment projects managers.

    Nordic participants: Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare (NCSH), the Swedish Energy Agency, financing institutions and companies with energy-related technologies.

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    Welcome remarks and introduction to the meeting

    5 min presentation of each participant

    Topics for discussion:
    1. Hospital projects in Malopolskie region: What is going on in terms of construction, refurbishment and the needs for lowering energy consumption?
    2. Examples from Sweden: Best practices from Swedish hospitals.
    3. Energy and climate-smart technologies: What is available today?
    4. Financing of energy-efficiency projects: Nordic, Polish and EU funding.
    5. Case study on ongoing Swedish-Polish pilot: Energy-savings at a Polish hospital.
    6. Next steps: Pilot projects, upcoming procurement and so forth.

    Discussion areas will include

    Best practices from Swedish hospitals: What are the best practices in Sweden when it comes to energy and cost savings? From energy-plus buildings to specific technologies within ventilation, lighting, renewable energy, heating, cooling and so on.

    How to finance energy projects: To finance a project is as important as the technology. There are several new opportunities that can be used and developed in collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

    On the market: Brief and informative presentations from innovative companies with energy-saving technologies currently used at Swedish hospitals.

    The world’s greenest hospital (Grønnköpingkið): Get an insight into best practices from the Nordic countries in a digital format.

    Innovation procurement: Experiences from the Polish project EcoQUIP+ and other initiatives.

    Next steps: Ways that Poland and Sweden can co-operate to lower energy consumption in hospitals. Concrete steps needed for establishing projects between Sweden and Poland – to share knowledge and technologies – along with implementing best practices.

    This event is part of the project Platform for Internationalisation: Energy and Climate Smart Healthcare, funded by the Swedish Energy Agency.

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