New Member: Meir Medical Center

New Member: Meir Medical Center

A warm welcome to the network, Meir Medical Center!

Meir Medical Center is a hospital in Israel, also referred to as Meir Hospital. In addition to being the latest member in NCSH's international network, the hospital is also connected to other hospitals through a network operated by Clalit Health Services. What does their work with sustainable healthcare look like? Find out here:

The research facility at Meir Hospital is focused on establishing an experienced education program to generate breakthroughs concerning the medical world. Our facilities' advanced scholarly activity is primarily achieved through research, educational analysis, and technological innovations.

The Meir research team has developed a unique cross-sectional research center to connect researchers, companies, projects, organizations, and others in the field of sustainable healthcare. This Sustainable Healthcare Center focuses on research, education and innovation to meet the increasing demands in these domains, both basic and applied. It is perpetuating sustainability through the homogenization of faculty expertise, implementation of clinical studies and practical work of beta-sites – all sharing the goal of creating a more sustainable healthcare sector.

At Meir, sustainable healthcare does not favour specific industries; various industrial sectors have differing sustainability healthcare solutions. With Meir supporting research, companies involved in these sectors can collaborate with each other to make great strides in the development of sustainable healthcare and creating a greener environment.

As a growing research facility, we always convey professionalism, assiduity, intelligence, and much more. This strategy puts you and the environment above the rest. As part of that, you will have full access to our many resources, benefits, and faculties' resounding qualities. We look forward to collaborating and meeting your needs as we make our world a better place.

Find more information on their website:

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