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    Grønnköpingkið Mondays: A Year in Review

    One year has now passed since the launch of Grønnköpingkið – the world's greenest hospital!

    Since the platform went live, the interest for sustainable healthcare has simultaneously increased exponentially on a global level. The accessibility of green solutions for the healthcare sector in the world's greenest hospital could therefore not come with better timing. We look forward to see what the second year of the platform has in store.   

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    To celebrate Grønnköpingkið's first birthday, we would like to review some of the highlights of the passed year: 

    Sighted in The European
    In the summer edition of Europe's market leading business journal 2022, Grønnköpingkið was lifted as a key way of accelerating sustainable healthcare. Read the article written by NCSH on page 34–35 here.

    Medical Science Festival 2022 in Bologna
    The Grønnköpingkið concept and its green, innovative solutions were presented in front of an international audience of 400,000 registrants.

    A twin for the Mediterranean region: Virdea
    We are excited to announce the birth of a twin platform to Grønnköpingkið, by the name Virdea. This hospital will be run by our Italian partner and focused on solutions for the Mediterranean region's healthcare sector. 

    Many handpicked solutions have moved in
    As many as 18 products and services are up on the platform, and more are on their way. Inside Grønnköpingkið are today solutions from:
    Saint-Gobain Ecophon
    Green Furniture Concept
    NOAS Sweden
    MegaWatt Solutions
    LINK Arkitektur
    ELo Industries


    Do you also think it is time to get on board in the world's greenest hospital with YOUR solution? Reach out to Felicia Hedetoft () today.


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