New Member: Danish Life Science Cluster

New Member: Danish Life Science Cluster

NCSH is delighted to be introducing Danish Life Science Cluster to the network!

As a Danish national cluster, Danish Life Science Cluster creates and supports collaboration between different stakeholders within life science and welfare technology – building bridges for a more sustainable healthcare system. Read further about their work here:

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Danish Life Science Cluster is the national cluster organization for life science and welfare technology in Denmark. We aim to convert Danish research and knowledge within life science and welfare technology into new and improved commercial solutions for the benefit of businesses, healthcare system, municipalities and residents in Denmark.

With skilled companies, a strong healthcare system and internationally leading research environments, life science and welfare technology are one of Denmark's most significant positions of strength. The sector provides a large economic- and occupational footprint on the Danish economy.

An important factor for success is the close innovative public-private collaborations between companies, municipalities, regions and the state. Through knowledge sharing and collaboration, the most recent research and the health sector’s needs are converted into new competitive solutions that generate the most value for companies, patients, municipalities and the healthcare system.

Danish Life Science Cluster builds bridges throughout Denmark, across sectors, and in collaboration with companies, academic institutions, the healthcare system and municipalities.
The ambition is high. In the development of future healthcare solutions, the Danish national cluster must compete with the best clusters in the world within the field of life science and welfare technology.

You find more information on their website:

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