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    A First Step: Help to Reduce Pharmaceutical Residuals in the Sea and Increase the Export of Your Innovative Solutions

    Join in to prevent pharmaceutical residuals in the Baltic Sea region

    To kick-off the project "Closing gaps: Techniques and solutions for reducing pharmaceutical residuals in the Baltic Sea region", we welcome you to the first of three workshops held in Malmö, Sweden. The other two will be organised later in the autumn 2022 and in the spring 2023.

    The workshop will be centred around the existing technical challenges and gaps between countries and sectors. The goal is to embrace the common opportunities of preventing and reducing pharmaceutical residuals in the Baltic Sea. Keep an eye on our calendar for agenda updates.

    Do you have or know of a solution which could stop the residuals as early in the process as possible? We would love to share this with our network. Reach out to Caroline Charlier () today.

    If YOU want to be part of this horizontal collaboration, share and compare techniques for the implementation of innovative solutions while expanding your own knowledge: do not hesitate to participate!

    Register here

    Date: 13 September 2022

    Time: 09.00–12.00 CET

    Place: (Hybrid) Zoom and at TEM's office in Malmö (Södra Promenaden 51). To participate in person at the venue, send an email to Caroline Charlier () with the title "Workshop #1 Closing gaps". 

    This will be the first public activity within the project. Participants will include pharmaceutical companies, technology suppliers, environmental managers from hospitals, as well as other relevant stakeholders for preventing pollution in the Baltic Sea.

    You can find more information about the project here or contact Caroline Charlier ().

    Why is the project needed? 

    Pharmaceutcial residuals is a well-known problem in the Baltic Sea. This project has a unique entry point: to stop the residuals as early in the process as possible. In everything from the production of pharmaceuticals and the handling of used drugs, to management systems at hospitals, city waste treatments, hospital cleaning and so on.

    This project is funded by the Swedish Institute.

    funded by swedish institute

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