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    3 workshops in January - Health data and sustainability

    January 2022 we will deep dive into how the Nordic region and the global SDGs could benefit from integrated Nordic Health data. Join us to make your view count in the future work.

    The digitalization of the society is moving rapidly, not least in the healthcare sector. We believe that not only hospitals and the life science industry, but also other connected industries like cleantech, ICT and other sectors could benefit a lot from access to health data. The advantages span from more effective healthcare, more specialized MedTech solutions to fulfilling the Global sustainable development goals.

    This workshop will be a collective exercise where we together try to envision how this could look like. There will be speakers setting the stage, but also open discussion for those who want to share their thoughts. Take this opportunity to contribute and influence how the future will look like in this important field!

    There will be three tracks to choose from depending on interest and your calender:

    11 January -  Life Science industries 13-15 CET Sign up for this track!

    Introduction speakers:

    - Nima Jokilakso - Business FInland - Business and export opportunities for shared data innovation

    - Frederik van Deurs - Green Innovation - Healthcare procurment and data

    - Mikkel Lindskov Sachs, TrialNation


    13 January – Connected industries 15-17 CET Sign up for this track!

    Introduction speakers:

    - Anders Strömberg - Head of wearable platform department - Sony

    - Stig Mellström - Segment leader healthcare - Schneider Electric

    - Daniel Eriksson - Nordic Center for sustainable healthcare - Healthcare, SDGs and Health data


    14 January – Health care sector 10-12 CET Sign Up for this track!

    Introduction speakers:

    - Anna Sandström - Director Policy and Relations Europe AstraZeneca - Chair Swedish health data commission

    Oliver Stenzel - Board Member ScanBalt MTÜ  - Head ScanBalt digital working group 

    Minna Hendolin - Leading Specialist, Ph.D, The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra - Nordics as a Lighthouse towards European Health Data Space

    After the introductions we will work together to visualize how Nordic integrated healthdata related to the SDGs could look like 2030. We will use a method based on Foresight methodology developed by Stanford.

    This webinar/workshop is a part of a Nordic Innovation project managed by a Nordic consortium focusing on sustainable healthcare innovation in relation to SDGs, Nordic integrated health data, healthcare providers, life science industry and other related industries. 

    Together, we will be envisioning what an innovative and connected Nordic region would look like if health data was shared seamlessly across public-private partnerships in the region. Shared health data plays into the circular economy, as well as clinical research, clinical trials, treatments, innovation- and development efforts means reduced friction and higher degrees of utilization of expended resources.

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