HealthTextiles Awarded "Supplier of the Year for Medical Clothing" in the United Kingdom

HealthTextiles Awarded "Supplier of the Year for Medical Clothing" in the United Kingdom

NCSH's member HealthTextiles, a pioneering textile company from Gävle (Sweden), has been awarded the prestigious title of "Medical Clothing Provider of the Year" at the annual Corporate LiveWire Global Awards. This recognition acknowledges the company's innovations and successes in medical clothing and women's health.

With its origins as a family-run business, HealthTextiles was founded by Birgitta, Torgny, and Tomas Persson. As a family team consisting of mother, father, and son, they collectively possess a wide range of expertise in entrepreneurship, public service, and textiles.

The founders of HealthTextiles: (from the left) Tomas Persson, Birgitta Persson and Torgny Persson

The company is dedicated to protecting healthcare professionals against healthcare-associated infections and has a particular focus on high-quality menstrual underwear. Their work, in collaboration with Monthly of Sweden, is supported by the Ahlgrens Donations Fund in Gävle.

"This international recognition from the United Kingdom is of great significance to us, especially at a time when we are expanding our presence in the UK", says Tomas Persson, founder and owner of HealthTextiles. "The award confirms our commitment to delivering innovative and ethically manufactured products that improve women's health worldwide."

HealthTextiles's specially designed garments feature the innovative and patented TorTex™ fabric at their core – a material with antimicrobial properties primarily composed of sustainable and biodegradable fibers. This reduces the environmental impact from single-use PPE and the risk of antibiotic resistance. TorTex™ fabrics offer natural antibacterial protection against Staphylococcus aureus for up to 100 washes and against the H1N1 virus, verified by SGS.

The judging panel at Corporate LiveWire was particularly impressed by HealthTextiles's commitment to protecting people and the world around us through its innovative apparel.

HealthTextiles has also been selected to participate in EIT Health's Bridgehead program, further solidifying its role as a leader in medical fashion and innovation. The company continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in medical clothing, strengthening its position as a pioneer in the industry, with a clear vision for the future and an unwavering focus on quality and innovation.

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Tomas Persson
Founder and owner
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+46 (0)727 30 20 81

About HealthTextiles
HealthTextiles is a leading Swedish manufacturer on a mission to save lives and reduce costs for the healthcare sector by developing innovative new healthcare uniforms and textiles. The company is also committed to improving the quality of life for women through innovative products such as menstrual underwear, through an exclusive agreement with Monthly of Sweden (a market leader in menstrual cups in Sweden). HealthTextiles works closely with its partners and investors to drive the industry forward and create positive change.

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About Corporate LiveWire Global Awards
The Corporate LiveWire Global Awards is an annual awards ceremony aimed at recognizing and rewarding innovation and excellence across various business sectors globally. This initiative is designed to highlight companies and individuals demonstrating outstanding achievements in their respective fields. The awards cover a broad spectrum of categories including technology, sustainability, finance, and health, among others. The process of selecting a winner is not based on the number of votes a candidate receives but on merit through thorough assessment of the company's overall excellence in its field. This provides a recognized validation of the company's expertise and professionalism, which could potentially enhance its competitiveness in the market.

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