Over 100 Screens Repurposed by NCSH Member Silentia

Over 100 Screens Repurposed by NCSH Member Silentia

Silentia assisted the project team at Regionshospitalet Gødstrup in repurposing over 100 screens from two previous hospitals that were being replaced. This effort saved around 1.6 tons of materials.

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Our EasyClick system allows our screens to be easily moved, combined, or reconfigured to fit the changing needs of the care environment. At Gødstrup Hospital, our system's durability, modularity, and repairability worked in harmony to ensure that the screens outlasted the old hospitals and could be adjusted to fit the new modern facilities.

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A digital product passport is attached to every screen, enabling us to track and store its information. In Gødstrup, this helped us register, service, and plan the transfer of screens.

Read the full case story here

Or, read about Silentia's approach to sustainability HERE.

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