From Sawdust to Sustainable Future: Biocomposites' Role in Plastic Disruption

From Sawdust to Sustainable Future: Biocomposites' Role in Plastic Disruption

Discover the link between sawdust and healthcare sustainability, and meet the experts – welcome to a webinar with our member FrostPharma!

Date: 16 April 2024
Time: 12.05 – 12.35 CET

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On the agenda:

- Enabling CO2 reductions with renewable materials – actionable strategies in the short- and long-term perspective.
- How Biocomposite can replace fossil-based plastic in healthcare.

Meet the speakers:

- Renato Cosic has commercial and operational experience from leading organizations within renewable materials from both the forestry and bioplastics industry. He is currently heading the sales and business development at Woodcomposite Sweden AB, a leading actor in the production of environmentally friendly wood compounds – a climate smart alternative to fossil-based plastics.
- Henrik Alfredsson is responsible for developing sustainable solutions for the healthcare at FrostPharma AB. He has experience from developing dosing aids in bioplastics and now of the first risk waste containers in the world based on Biocomposite material implemented in hospitals.
- Moderator is Jannik Jensen.

This news is by FrostPharma, member in NCSH.

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