NCSH Member Addax Biosciences' GAF® in Virchows Archiv Publication

NCSH Member Addax Biosciences' GAF® in Virchows Archiv Publication

As a viable alternative to Formalin, GAF® is not only found in the world's greenest hospital – Virchows Archiv has now published the results of a comparative non-inferiority study:

"Since over a century, the gold standard for fixation of histological specimens is represented by Formalin, an aqueous solution of formaldehyde. Despite its considerable advantages, Formalin causes some morphological changes and artifacts in genomic sequencing, the tissue fixation is slow and, in some situations, incomplete. On top of this, growing evidence points to objective toxicity, particularly highlighting its carcinogenicity and mutagenic effects. In 2016, the European Union proposed a ban, but a temporary permission was granted in consideration of its fundamental role in the medical-diagnostic field. Substitution of formalin as the histological fixative of choice would require adoption of a non-toxic reagent ensuring identical structural and molecular preservation of tissue as provided by formalin. Finally, there is a solution to the problem: GAF® (Glyoxal Acid-Free), the innovative non-cancerogenic fixative developed by Addax Biosciences.


A multicentre controlled study evaluated the efficacy of GAF® fixative compared to Formalin. The results showed that GAF® is non-inferior to PBF for all organs tested. GAF® allows optimal tissue fixation at the structural and molecular level, combined with the absence of carcinogenic activity. The study was recently published in the authoritative journal Virchows Archiv, consolidating the scientific validity and efficacy of the fixative developed by Addax Biosciences.

The trial was conducted comparing the fixation of histological specimens with GAF® fixative versus standard phosphate-buffered Formalin (PBF), evaluating the morphological preservation and diagnostic value obtainable. The results showed that GAF® provides comparable fixation efficiency, without exposing healthcare professionals to the risk of developing work-related diseases and cancers.

The publication of the study in Virchows Archiv consolidates its high scientific profile and the significance of the results, highlighting the importance of research and innovation in histology."

The full study is available here:

To the study

This news is by Addax Biosciences, member in NCSH.

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