NCSH's Member HealthTextiles On How Your Supply Chain Can Avoid Greenwashing and Offer More “Green Washing”

NCSH's Member HealthTextiles On How Your Supply Chain Can Avoid Greenwashing and Offer More “Green Washing”

Want to know more about anti-bacterial, sustainable, and comfortable healthcare uniforms? Our member HealthTextiles can give you the details!

HealthTextiles has developed the innovative TorTex™ fabric – a PPE fabric which protects healthcare workers, while also not releasing any harmful substances that have been verified by Hohenstein. It is a fabric which avoids greenwashing and offers more “green washing”.

Read about this in HealthTextiles’s own words:

HealthTextiles has focused on sustainability since the beginning, by integrating sustainability into our TorTex™ fabrics and thus into the selection of our suppliers. Also, our TorTex™ fabrics are naturally antibacterial against Staphylococcus Aureus after 100 washes and are not using silver, which if used could mean that silver ions wash out and pollute the environment (according to Svenskt Vatten, click here for more details in Swedish).

The most important certificates to look for are OEKO-TEX and GOTS, to avoid supply chain greenwashing.

To sum up:

HealthTextiles’s TorTex™ fabrics’ suppliers are OEKO-TEX certified and the yarn supplier is GOTS certified. 

HealthTextiles's TorTex™ fabrics are also cytotoxic tested by Hohenstein, to verify that no harmful substances are released.

You can find more information about TorTex™ on their website:

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