Sustainable Sharing Platform: Our Member FLOOW2's Recent Launch

Sustainable Sharing Platform: Our Member FLOOW2's Recent Launch

Denmark’s Capital Region introduces a sharing platform for sustainable healthcare!

The NCSH member FLOOW2 is now operating and servicing the Danish region's new Recycling and Donation (Genbrug og Donation) platform – an online platform where all healthcare facilities in the Capital Region of Denmark can exchange furniture, materials, excess inventories and medical equipment. Visit the groundbreaking site here: 

To Genbrug og Donation

Read more about how FLOOW2 explains the new platform:

The 44,000 employees of the Danish Capital Region can now order furniture that was obsolete elsewhere and put it to good use in their own workplace. Using an online sharing platform, called Genbrug og Donation, the region is promoting reuse and recycling of its many furniture and products. This sharing marketplace is an easy and practical way to save costs and simultaneously contribute to making healthcare more sustainable.

Director of the Center for Real Estate, Mogens Kornbo, says this about the platform: "The recycling platform gives all our colleagues the opportunity to contribute to the green transition. It is amazing that we can give new life to good furniture that would otherwise have ended up as bulky rubbish. At the region's recycling and donation warehouse, we have the space and competencies to store and repair the furniture, and now we have a platform that makes it easy for colleagues to choose recycling."

The recycling platform works by dedicated employees picking up surplus furniture from the region's many hospitals and companies. The furniture is then inspected, cleaned, repaired and refurbished if needed. Pictures of the collected furniture are posted on ‘Genbrug og Donation’, where the region's employees can order what they need for free, which is then delivered directly to their workplace.

Today, the Capital Region of Denmark buys new furniture annually for up to DKK 25 million. Each recycled and refurbished desk saves the region between two and three thousand kroner, and with 44,000 employees, the savings run up quickly.

The recycling platform makes it possible to keep track of how much furniture is recycled and how much CO2 is saved. In the first month after launch 650 items were exchange were made resulting in savings worth more than €130.000 and 39.000 Kg CO2. In the long run, the platform will be expanded to other hospital products and products.

Genbrug og Donation is powered by FLOOW2, the global leader in developing marketplaces for businesses and organizations.

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