Webinar: Nordic Know-How #4 Ventilation


On October 20th, we invite you to a webinar to discuss the topic of sustainable ventilation in a healthcare environment. 

Ventilation is big part of the energy-use in a hospital, and healthcare facilities set high demands when it comes to the right ventilation for the right purpose. Efifcient and high-performance ventilation is crucial in order to avoid spread of infections and reduce exposure to contaminants. 

In this webinar we will talk about technology and maintenance for ventilation in healthcare which can contribute to a more energy-efficient and sustainable ventilation system. This can save both costs and reduce the environmental impact of the healthcare sector. We will hear examples of sustainable ventilation in healthcare from both hospitals and suppliers. 

Join us in this free webinar on October 20!

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Date: October 20

Time: 14.00-16.00 CET

Place: Zoom

Cost: Free of charge

This webinar is arranged as part of the release of the #4 Nordic Know-How report on the topic of sustainable ventilation in healthcare. The report will be published in connection with the webinar.

The Nordic Know-How series is created within the project Platform for Internationalisation: Energy and Climate Smart Healthcare, financed by the Swedish Energy Agency. 


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