Nordic Health Resolution - Helsinki, 2nd October


Health 100

 On October 2nd, we will be in Helsinki to participate in creating a shared Nordic Health Resolution!

Organised on the 2nd of October, the Health100 unconference will host top-level discussions with focus on the already foreseeable future: the challenges, opportunities and strategic steps on how to implement the concrete innovations into practice. By getting away from "speakers" and "listeners", Health100 is harnessing the accumulated expertise of 100 hand-picked Nordic health influencers. The day will result in the creation of a shared Nordic Health Resolution. 

This event is arranged by Upgraded - a self-sustaining non-profit association for health startups and innovations, located in Finland. Nordic Innovation supports the event as part of the 1,5 year project "The Future of Healthcare - Sustainable and Smart today".

Read the full invitation here >> 

Are you a healthcare influencer in the Nordics, and have not been invited? Apply for an invitation here >>



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