Health100 2020: Online one-day unconference


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In October, our partner Upgraded organizes Health100, an unconference for the Nordic health scene.

When: October 7th, 2020

Where: Online & in Helsinki

More Information & Registration

Health100 is an interactive event with the spirit of an unconference. The main focus of the event is the covid-19 outbreak and the changes it brought to the Global Health. All attendees will have a chance to bring something to the table for the covid-19 discussion! The interactive Online Tool used for the event allows us to imitate all elements of a regular in-person event. 

We will have around 1000 people joining the virtual event. You definitely should attend, if you are one of the following:

  • Professional of the Healthcare Industry who realizes the need of innovation in the modern world,
  • Clinician who believes that the processes we have in the Healthcare right now should be improved,
  • Politician or policy maker who wants to know firsthand what is happening in modern Health,
  • Health startup founder with brilliant ideas or ready-products, having obstacles on the way to delivery,
  • Investor who realises that Health is the most important area to invest in right now,
  • Researcher / academic who wants to connect to the practitioners and tell about your recent findings,
  • Corporate representative who doesn´t want to stay aside,
  • Representative of Tech with ideas on how to improve modern healthcare

The list of the topics will be constantly updating, with the emphasis on:

  • preventive measures,
  • ways to prepare ourselves for any future pandemics,
  • new ways of work in restricted conditions,
  • need of digitalisation in Health,
  • new policies and regulations,
  • psychological support for everyone affected by the crisis


The program will include 3 high-end keynotes, 30 round-tables with the best experts in the field, direct matchmaking and more. As an attendee you will get an opportunity to connect to the relevant people of the Global Health, information about changes in the Health Industry firsthand, a chance to co-create the Global Health Resolution - document that will summarize all the discussions held during the event, and that will be delivered to relevant decision-making bodies.

This event is arranged as part of the project The Future of Healthcare: Sustainable and Smart Today, financed by Nordic Innovation.



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