Webinar: Sustainable and Smart Healthcare in the Netherlands and Nordics


 Sustainable and Smart Healthcare in the Nordics and the Netherlands – What can we learn from each other?

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As part of the project The Future of Healthcare: Sustainable and Smart today, financed by Nordic Innovation and the Swedish Energy Agency, we will arrange a webinar on May 26. This webinar will focus on sustainable and smart solutions in healthcare, and aims to foster an exchange of knowledge and expertise between the Nordic countries and the Netherlands. 


The Nordics and the Netherlands are both leading when it comes to sustainability and smart solutions for the healthcare sector. With this online webinar we aim to create an exchange of knowledge, expertise and best practices between the Nordics and the Netherlands. As two leading regions in this field, there is a lot to learn and opportunities for valuable insights and discussions.

The current spreading of COVID-19 has revealed vulnerabilities of the healthcare sector, and the need to increase resilience of our hospitals and other healthcare organisations. Sustainable and smart solutions can in many ways contribute to a healthcare sector that is more resource- and cost efficient, which is why it is important to lift and bring attention to the solutions that are already out there and in use.

This online webinar is an opportunity to get insight into how hospitals in the Netherlands and in the Nordics work with sustainable and smart solutions. Which solutions have they implemented to reduce their climate impact? What are their biggest challenges in terms of sustainability? What are their ambitions for the future? Join us online for an exchange of knowledge and expertise between the Nordics and the Netherlands. 


This webinar is arranged in collaboration with the Dutch NGO Milieu Platform Zorgsector (MPZ). At the end of the webinar we will focus the discussion on possibilities for collaboration between the Netherlands and the Nordics to reduce the climate impact of the healthcare sector. 

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