Bridging Britain and Sweden: Concrete Synergies for Energy and Climate-Smart Healthcare


Britain Sweden 24 January

Join us for a conversation to explore British and Swedish particular needs and cutting-edge solutions in the realm of energy and climate-smart healthcare.

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Exclusive for hospitals / other healthcare facilities, public sector participants, and NCSH members.

Date: 24 January 2024
Time: 14.00–15.45 CET
Location: Online (Zoom)

Webinar highlights:

  • Needs and challenges: Discover current challenges faced by the healthcare sector in Britain – as well as from a Swedish perspective – on the country's journey toward sustainable healthcare. Gain insights into the needs in the domains of energy and climate-smart healthcare.
  • Solutions from Sweden: Hear from leading companies based in Sweden as they present innovative and practical solutions tailored to the needs of healthcare institutions. Learn how these solutions can be implemented to enhance sustainability.
  • Collaborative opportunities: Explore the possibilities for collaboration between healthcare providers and solution providers, and learn from success stories. Identify synergies that can drive the transition to energy-efficient and climate-smart healthcare in both countries.

Why collaborate?
Today, both Britain and Sweden are working actively on boosting greener healthcare practices and systems, and there are many opportunities for joint approaches when it comes to energy and climate-smart innovations. We welcome stakeholders with interest, expertise and solutions in the area to share your knowledge and get inspired.


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Welcome: Presenting a Nordic-British Strategic Partnership
Daniel Eriksson, CEO and Founder | Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare
Rachel Stancliffe, CEO and Founder | Centre for Sustainable Healthcare
Rethinking the Operating Theatre
Dr Anne Symons, Senior Research Fellow in Healthcare Design and Healthcare Architect | UCL (University College London)
Prof Ian Eames, Professor of Fluid Mechanics | UCL (University College London)
Hospitals as Energy-Plus Buildings – From a Swedish Perspective
Anna Vesterberg, Unit Manager Technical Development | Regionfastigheter, Region Skåne
TBC: Engineering's Role in a More Sustainable Healthcare System – How Engineering Innovations Can Contribute to the Sector's Needs
TBA | Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE)
Optimising Hospitals' HVACR Systems – Enhances Efficiency, Saves lives, Reduces Costs, and Improves Sustainability
Niklas Berglöf, Head of Sales and Marketing | ClimaCheck
Better Operating Theatre Air Quality & Comfort – Less Energy
Peter Ljubetic, International Sales Director | Avidicare
Ecosystem Exchange: Life Sciences – A Sustainability Focused Business Exchange Within the UK Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry
Anna Crona, Head of Business Services | The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK
Q&A and Discussion: Concretizing the Synergies for Energy and Climate-Smart Healthcare – What is the Next Step?

This event is part of the project Platform for Internationalisation: Energy and Climate-Smart Healthcare, funded by the Swedish Energy Agency.

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