A Swedish-Italian Conference on Sustainable Healthcare: 28–29 June


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Join NCSH in Bologna and participate in this year’s event for sustainable healthcare!

Together with our local partner Beside You Group, NCSH now invites Swedish companies to exhibit their sustainable solutions for a more energy and climate-smart healthcare in Italy.

3 reasons why YOU should tag along:

1. All of northern Italy is currently investing large sums in sustainability, not least in the healthcare sector and energy and climate-smart solutions. Even more are expected in the near future! Over 100 hospitals are being built on the premise of including green healthcare products and services.

2. We have established a long-term collaboration with the Emilia-Romagna region, expressing extensive interest in Nordic technologies. The regional actor Beside You Group can help with establishment, resellers and similar if needed. 

3. A big number of decision-makers from the Italian healthcare sector will be there, curious to explore sustainable solutions. Representatives from hospital management, supply chain, sustainability procurement and many more.


If your company has any kind of interest in northern Italy, do not miss this opportunity! A limited number of exclusive speaking slots are available for you to reserve.
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Date: 28–29 June 2022 (27 June for arrivals)
Time: 09.30–17.30 CET 28 June, 08.30–16.30 CET 29 June
  • 27 June – Joint activity with NCSH in the evening, for early arrivals.
  • 28 June – Conference day followed by mingling and evening party with Beside You Group. A limited number of speaking slots are available, contact us if you are interested (first come, first served!). Participating companies will have the possibility to exhibit a roll-up or similar.
  • 29 June – Study visit to a local hospital with the chance to expand your network in the region.

Travels and hotel: Each organisation book their own travel arrangements. NCSH will recommend a hotel for those who wish to book the same.

Cost: We charge a small booking fee of 5,000 SEK plus VAT. Members in NCSH get a 50% discount. The booking fee is non-refundable in case of cancellation.

Programme highlights

  • Valuable insights into both Swedish and Italian healthcare systems, to solve current challenges with your green solutions
  • Launch of Grønnköpingkið's – the world's greenest hospital – Italian twin: Virdea
  • Study visits to the Life Sciences Industrial District Mirandola and Sant’Orsola Hospital in Bologna

Participating organisations from NCSH as of today

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Beside You Group in the Emilia-Romagna region

Beside You Group and NCSH will act as a bridge between Swedish and Italian companies, and Swedish and Italian business opportunities. Beside You Group has an extensive international network as well as many local and close connections in the region in northern Italy.

Besideyou Group

This is part of the project Platform for Internationalisation: Energy and Climate Smart Healthcare, financed by the Swedish Energy Agency.

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