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    Nordic Know-How #6 District Heating


    When: 21 September 2:00 - 3.30 pm (CET)
    Where: Online, Zoom
    Cost: Free of charge

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    In September, the sixth chapter of the Nordic Know-How series will be published, this time on the topic of District Heating at hospitals and other healthcare facilities. In connection to the release of this report, a webinar will be arranged to discuss the topic a bit further. 

    Do you have a solution for district heating for healthcare, or do you have other experience in the form of financing or other perspectives? Welcome to contact us for a speaking slot at the webinar.

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    4emh logotype rgb engThe Nordic Know-How series is created within the project Platform for Internationalisation: Energy and Climate Smart Healthcare, financed by the Swedish Energy Agency. 

    Previous chapters in the Nordic Know-How report series:

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