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    Workshop 4th May: Healthcare as a leverage for implementing sustainable infrastructure in developing countries


    Healthcare as a leverage for implementing Sustainable Infrastructure in developing countries 6

    Date: 2021-05-04
    Time: 1pm - 4.30pm
    Where: Online (zoom)

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    Providing healthcare is dependent on clean water, electricity, heating/cooling, wastewater handling, communication etc.  The infrastructure and services are also sorely needed by surrounding communities. Lacking access to clean water, electricity etc. are among barriers keeping people in poverty back as well for small businesses to grow. Effectively making services available  to the local community can both create substantial circularity and sustainability advantages  and opportunities for people, such as a hub for businesses to develop. 

    If healthcare is to become a driver for community development and environment and climate change mitigation, there is a need to apply a system solution approach in health care infrastructure. Broad collaboration between stakeholders from the private sector, international organisations, civil society, and community and partnerships are as central.   

    The workshop provides an arena for dialogue on how Healthcare can become a frontrunner for implementing sustainable infrastructure in developing regions (in low- and mid-income countries.) around the world. The aim is to get the discussion started on how an integrated approach to health care investment can be implemented and to connect key stakeholders for future collaboration.

    We will discuss implementation, procurement, financing and technology solutions for a system solution approach.


    Johannes Brundin, TEM / NCSH (Moderator)
    Introduction to the workshop

    Sten Stenbeck, RISE
    The project sWASH and Grow- Scaling of-grid wash innovations

    Daniel Eriksson, NCSH
    What is Sustainable Helathcare and how it can drive sustainable infrastructure implementation in developing countries

    Ian Milimo & Emmanuel Nnko, UNDP
    Creating Sustainable Health Care Infrastructure in developing countries

    Jan Furuvald, Kapitalguiden
    Finding the right financing for your export

    Dr. Shantanu Sharma, MAMTA Health Institute for Mother and Child
    Gaps and Scope of improving infrastructure in facilities for Sustainable Health Care in India

    Vera Siesjö, SIDA
    Supporting climate resilient and environmentally sustainable healthcare

    Dr. Josefine Sundqvist, Läkarmissionen
    A bottom-up approach to sustainable healthcare infrastructure and community transformation – lessons learnt from Sudan, Ethiopia and Tanzania and ways forward

    Per Olsson & Mikael Pontoppidan, LINK Arkitektur 
    Impact Architecture - holistic sustainability in healthcare projects

    Valentin Monterio, Schenider Electric
    Digital solutions for Sustainable & Efficient Hospitals

    Annika Johansson, Carex of Sweden & John Nyberg, Pure Bio Sunergy
    Circular Water and Disinfection Solutions for Health Care

    Anders Gripenberg, Xinix
    Disinfection for Health

    Panel discussion

    This event is part of the sWASH&grow project, coordinated by RISE and co-financed by Vinnova and the 28 project partners. The sWASH & grow project aims to improve the conditions for innovators to be able to meet relief organizations’ demands. This will enable sustainable and circular innovations in the WASH sector to reach vulnerable populations in humanitarian crises and areas without access to critical utilities and services. The project will, through testbeds in cooperation with buyers and users, test innovative sustainable solutions and from this develop tools for development, scaling and export. 

    Read more about the project >>


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