2023: Sustainability in MedTech design – Methods, tools and practice

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A handbook for MedTech professionals, through the lens of sustainability. Download and read the book by clicking the image.

"The effects of climate change on human health are gaining attention worldwide. Healthcare systems suffer these impacts while being responsible for 4.4% of global CO2 emissions: new sustainable solutions are urgently needed. MedTech is a key industry to drive this transition. However, has not been targeted with sustainability demand to the same extent as manufacturing industries in other sectors. This has been changing in recent years and the current pandemic has further sharpened the concerns of EU health systems for their environmental impacts. The demand for green procurement, sustainable products/services, and higher environmental standards is set to increase dramatically.

This book provides knowledge and tools for MedTech professionals seeking an in-depth understanding of the sector through the lens of sustainability. It presents a broad panorama of topics, including sustainable product development, governance and business strategies, and circular economy. It also provides practical insights and tangible strategies for designers and managers to embrace emerging trends in sustainable medical technology, enabling them to navigate the evolving industry landscape."

Authors: Silvia Barbero, Hjalmar Bardh Olsson (NCSH), Izabela Czeremcha, Daniel Eriksson (NCSH), Eugenio Mimosi, Amina Pereno.

'Sustainability in MedTech Design: Methods, Tools and Practice' is part of the project SysteMA, funded by EIT Manufacturing. 


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