New Member: Integrated Hospital Design Alliance (IHDA)

New Member: Integrated Hospital Design Alliance (IHDA)

'Better healthcare with Nordic hospital design'

These are leading words as we announce the NCSH member connected to the phrase: Integrated Hospital Design Alliance (IHDA) from Finland. We let them properly introduce themselves below:
"Integrated Hospital Design Alliance combines top Nordic expertise in hospital design. Our analysts, architects, HVAC and structural engineers as well as construction management specialists are dedicated to facilities enabling better healthcare.
IHDA's experiences provide a wide range of sustainability knowledge to hospital projects, including:
  • Energy efficiency consulting and designing. Alliance has a long and deep knowledge of multi-objective simulations for early-stage design to renewable energy design, especially heat pump design
  • Environmental certificate consulting and other methods to lead sustainability in hospital projects
  • LCA- & carbon footprint consulting to find the most climate friendly design and material options
  • Demolition surveys and other circular economy services
  • EU taxonomy consulting
  • Digital solutions to support sustainability design
IHDA Alliance designers and consultants are happy to support and conduct sustainable hospital design for you with over a 60-year experience!"
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