Grønnköpingkið Monday: Solution by FLOOW2

Grønnköpingkið Monday: Solution by FLOOW2

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This recipe has been mastered by FLOOW2's Sharing Marketplaces, a technology housed in the world’s greenest hospital.

To share already available resources not only reduces wastage and costs, but also helps you in optimising your hospital’s efficiency and resilience. It is a promotion of circularity and reuse:

"If anything, the COVID-19 pandemic has made the importance of collaborating and sharing assets clearer than ever. One central digital platform can help efficiently match demand and supply, paramount for flexibility and resilience. A sharing platform helps to optimise the use of existing assets of equipment, supplies, space, facilities, services and even staff – leading to more circular practices while simultaneously contributing to cost savings.

The Intrakoop sharing platform in the Netherlands connects more than 550 hospitals and long-term care organisations, having listed 200 plus items since its launch. These item range from PPE’s to furniture, ultrasound machines and meal wagons.

'Genbrug of Donation', the Danish sharing platform for Capital Region, was launched at the end of April 2022. Already within its first month, 650 items were exchanged to save more than €130.000 and 39,000 kg of CO2."

You find FLOOW2’s solution in the category Medtech & ICT by visiting the world’s greenest hospital:

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