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    Updates about our webinars & activities!

    We have a lot of online activities in the next couple of weeks and in some of them we have changed the dates. Below you will find the updated information on each event. Don't forget to register!

    May 4 Online training: Sustainable Healthcare - Introduction

    Don't forget to sign up for the training in sustainable healthcare on May 4th. The training will be held online and is free of charge for members in NCSH and CSR Skåne. 

    This half-day training provides you with knowledge on how to work with sustainability, the environment and corporate social responsibility in healthcare. It gives you an understanding of what creates sustainable healthcare, from organization, environmental legislation to engaging employees. You will get basic knowlegde about waste, transport, chemicals and other crucial environmental issues for increased sustainability work in healthcare. If you participate as a consultant or supplier to the healthcare sector, you will get a good insight in the opportunities and obstacles that exist. The training will be held in English.

    When: May 4th, 13.00-17.00 PM
    Cost: 50 EUR, VAT excluded (Free for members in NCSH and CSR Skåne)
    For who: Healthcare employees, consultants, auditors and healthcare providers.
    For non-members, we need invoice information (Organisation, invoice address, country). Last day to register is May 1st. 

    See more information here 

    Register here

    May 6 Webinar: CSR Skåne x NCSH - Sustainable Plastics   

    On May 6th, CSR Skåne will arrange a webinar on sustainable plastics together with NCSH. Please observe that this webinar will be held in Scandinavian. 

    The plastic issue is becoming more and more relevant. For example, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has been commissioned to coordinate Sweden's work for sustainable plastic use in 2020. During this webinar, we will raise the plastic issue with the help of speakers from our networks who have experience and knowledge in the field.

    When: May 6th, 10.00-12.00 PM
    Where: Zoom (invitation will be sent to registered participants)
    Cost: 499 SEK, exklusive moms (Free for members in CSR Skåne and NCSH)

    See more information here

    Register here

    May 14 Webinar: Nitrous Oxide Destruction

    NEW DATE: The date for this webinar is changed to May 14th.

    The Nordics are leading when it comes to sustainable solutions for the healthcare sector. In order to spread good examples of Nordic solutions to reduce the climate impact from healthcare, NCSH has created the Nordic Know-how, a report series which presents Nordic best practices in different sustainability areas. The first report will focus on nitrous oxide destruction, and with the launch of this report we invite you to a webinar to hear more about nitrous oxide destruction in the Nordics. 

    This Nordic Know-How series are part of the project Platform for internationalization: Energy and Climate Smart Healthcare, financed by the Swedish Energy Agency.

    When: May 14th, 15.00-17.00 PM
    Where: Zoom (invitation will be sent to registered participants)

    See more information here

    Register here

    May 26 Webinar: Sustainable and Smart Healthcare in the Netherlands and Nordics 

    NEW DATE: The date for this webinar is changed to May 26.

    The Nordics and the Netherlands are both leading when it comes to sustainability and smart solutions for the healthcare sector. With this online webinar, that is arranged in collaboration with Milieu Platform Zorgsector (MPZ), we aim to create an exchange of knowledge, expertise and best practices between the Nordics and the Netherlands. As two leading regions in this field, there is a lot to learn and opportunities for valuable insights and discussions.

    This webinar is an opportunity to get an insight in how hospitals in the Netherlands and in the Nordics work with sustainable and smart solutions. Amsterdam Medical Center (AMC), one of the largest and leading hospitals in the Netherlands, will hold a presentation. 

    The webinar is arranged as part of the project The Future of Healthcare: Sustainable and Smart today, financed by the Swedish Energy Agency.

    See more information here

    Register here

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