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    2019 - Summary of the year

    The new year is just around the corner and it is time to sum up everything that has happened in 2019!

    It has been a very exciting year with many events and the network has also grown a lot. We are looking forward to continuing the work with our projects and other events in 2020, and also to develop the relations and collaborations with our members. NCSH has grown a lot during 2019 in number of members, turnover, employees, activities and number of projects!


    So what have we been doing in 2019?

    We finished a project financed by Nordic Innovation and part of the Nordic state ministers initiative on how the Nordics can tackle the global SDGs. This resulted in a White paper on Nordic Sustainable Healthcare that we published this year.

    You can read the White paper here >>


    Another project; Internationalisation of Energy and Climate Smart Healthcare, funded by the Swedish Energy Agency, started in December 2018 but the kickoff was held in malmö during spring 2019. Within the project, we arranged a delegation to Canada (partly financed by nordic innovation) that attracted 160 Canadian participants. A report was also written about global Energy- and Climate Smart Healthcare and a number of other activities took place such as a study tour at SÖS and much more.  

    Read about the delegation to Canada here >>

    Read the Energy- and Climate Smart Healthcare report here >>

    Read about the study visit at SÖS here >>


    In 2019, We also started the project; Future of healthcare sustainable and smart today, funded by Nordic Innovation, with our project partners Upgraded in Finland and DTU in Denmark. A number of activities was held within this project, such as Health100 in Helsinki, and the delegation to Canada. 

    Read about the project here >>

    Read about Health100 here >> 


    The third Nordic Conference on Sustainable Healthcare also took place this year. It was held in Espoo, Finland, in collaboration with EHMA. 

    Read about the conference here >>


    During 2019 we also worked with the project; The most sustainable healthcare in the world 2030, funded by Vinnova Swedish Innovation Agency. The project was a collaboration between NCSH, Sahlgrenska Science park, Medeon, Medicon Village & Swecare. During the project a number of workshops was held around sweden which resulted in a guideline on how life science companies can work with sustainability. 

    Read more about the project here >>

    Read the guideline here >>


    During 2019 NCSH got a lot of new members, we trained hundreds of people in sustainable healthcare, spoke at conferences, hosted numerous incoming delegations, participated in the swedish Social Minister's delegation to New Delhi and took part in numerous Nordic and international conferences and events. NCSH created many business opportunities over the year for network members, gave advice to hospitals on sustainable practice, and more.


       Some of our planned events in 2020


    We are very happy with this year and look forward to 2020. But until then, we wish you happy holidays and a happy new year!



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