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Together with Bonnier Sustainability Media and Aktuell Hållbarhet, NCSH is launching THE Nordic meeting point focusing on sustainable healthcare. The Nordic Conference on Sustainable Healthcare 2017 will focus on all the major developments that have made the Nordic countries world leaders in sustainability within the healthcare sector. The program highlights the sustainability priorities set by senior executives at major Nordic hospitals, state of the art Nordic projects that make healthcare greener, as well as new and innovative solutions on the market in everything from energy efficiency and materials to pharmaceuticals and waste management. NCSH 2017 will be a unique opportunity to participate in the network of professionals engaged in sustainable healthcare and meet with the sustainability professionals and decision-makers in the expanding and well-developed Nordic healthcare sector.

Below you can find a short summary of the topics that will be adressed during the conference. For more information on the sessions and speakers, visit our website >>

08.00 - Registration and opening of the exhibition
09.15 - Welcome
9.25-9.45 - Current status: Why the Nordic region is progressive.
9.45-10.00 - Study: Environmental and sustainability priorities for major Nordic-region hospitals.
10.00-10.30 - Altering focus and changing direction - experiences from Nordic-region hospitals
10.30-11.00 - Coffe break
11.00-12.15 - Choose one of five parallel sessions:
A:1 Ranking: Current status of environmental and sustainability work in Swedish county councils
A:2 Procurement as a tool and guideline
A:3 European initiatives for sustainable development (in English)
A:4 NCSH presents companies with innovations and solutions for sustainable health care (in English)
A:5 Session open for a partner
12.15-13.15 - Lunch
13.15-14.30 - Choose from one of five parallel sessions:
B:1 Making the entire pharmaceutical chain sustainable
B:2 Sustainable business with healthcare in the Nordic region
B:3 Circular economy as a tool in healthcare
B:4 Projects that push the envelope (in English)
B:5 Session available for partners
14.30-15.15 - Coffe break
15.15-15.30 - Awards Cermony: Nordic Conference on Sustainable Healthcare Awards.
15.30-16.00 - Discussion: the healthcare dilemma - sustainability cannot come first
16.00-16.30 - Inspiration: Future solutions for sustainable healthcare
16.30-18.00  - Conclusions from the conference followed by a meet-and-greet with refreshments

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