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memberoffer jpgWe have updated the member offer and terms of participation for 2016. We have some new member categories, discount for members in Swecare etc.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding membership in Nordic Center for Sustaianable Healthcare.


Why should you take part in the Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare?

The Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare (NCSH) is an intersectional arena for stakeholders, organizations and projects in the sector of sustainable healthcare.

The purpose of the Center is to provide a platform for cooperation in the areas of environment and sustainability in healthcare. The number of members in the NCSH is growing rapidly following the high demand for such a platform in the Nordic healthcare sector.

Some of the activities planned for the NCSH:

• Innovative project with groups of members.
• International collaboration and international contacts and collaboration opportunities.
• Local meeting points where healthcare professionals can meet with suppliers and researchers.
• International conferences that will tour Nordic Cities.
• Marketing and best-practice within healthcare and sustainability.
• Matchmaking and knowledge sharing.
• Online collaboration tools and best practice from both companies and healthcare.
• Trainings, workshops and site visits based on members’ interests.

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Member offer and terms of participation 

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Our office is located in Malmö, but the NCSH spans Northern Europe and Scandinavia.
Сontact us if you want to learn more about the NCSH:

Nordic Center for
Sustainable Healthcare
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Tel: +46 (0)40-606 55 80


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