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logo jessa witWe are happy to add one more member and also one more country to our memberlist, Jessa hospital in Belgium.

They present themself:

The Jessa Hospital offers a wide range of innovative & high-quality medicine and patient care as a reference hospital, in collaboration with the partner hospitals in its network. We want to offer warm care to our patient & his family and actively involve them; both in the individual care process and in the policy of the hospital.

The hospital has 981 approved beds and 260 day places, spread over 4 campuses. This makes us one of the 5 largest non-university hospitals in Flanders, Belgium. With more than 380 doctors & physician specialists in training and more than 3100 employees, Jessa is the largest employer in Limburg.

In addition to all the traditional medical specialties offered in most hospitals, the hospital also offers a large number of reference functions - highly specialized, top clinical services and sub-specializations that are not offered in every hospital. This usually concerns treatments that require advanced equipment, special facilities and / or specific expertise, with a usually supra-regional character. For many of these specialties, the Jessa Hospital works closely with the hospitals in the region in order for a further expanding of the South West Limburg clinical network.

Some of our reference functions are: cardio surgery (incl. Minimally invasive surgery), Heart Center, Kidney dialysis, Hematology (incl. Sterile chambers), Oncology, Radiotherapy, Breast clinic, Neurosurgery, Infectious diseases & immunity, Travel Clinic, Abdominal surgery (incl. Rectum surgery, liver surgery), Center for molecular diagnostics, next generation sequencing (for personalized cancer treatments), Rehabilitation center for non-congenital brain disorders & amputation, Psychogeriatrics, Urology (oncology, andrology, reconstructive surgery, pediatric urology), ORL (incl. Cochlear implant),  Ophthalmology (incl. Retinal surgery), Various child and youth medicine sub-specializations: neurology, gastrointestinal diseases, endocrinology, asthma & allergies, children's obesity center, growth disorders, diabetes, pediatric cardiology, etc.

For optimum patient care, we also work with primary care providers on a daily basis. Jessa is also part of the Flemish Hospital Network KULeuven and Hospilim, the partnership of Limburg hospitals. There is also close cooperation between the PXL university and Uhasselt. Continuous investment in top-quality medical technology, IT, quality, patient involvement and skilled doctors & employees is the cornerstone of Jessa Hospital's policy. In April 2016, Jessa was the first Belgian hospital to obtain the international NIAZ-Qmentum accreditation for the entire operation of the hospital. Meanwhile, our third consecutive NIAZ accreditation.

Jessa in numbers:

  • 981 beds
  • 260 day places
  • 3100 employees - 2260 FTE
  • 390 doctors & assistants - 100 admitted doctors
  • 36500 admissions & 60000 daily admissions
  • 45,000 emergency patients per year
  • 200,000 unique patients per year
  • ± 1300 patients per day


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