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NCSH would like to wish all members and partners a happy holiday! 

It's been a very busy year at Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare! We've hosted a range of activities to connect stakeholders and generate collaboration and ideas for our members as well as increase awareness around the subject. And it seems to be working! Sustainable healthcare seem to be on the agenda for more organisations than ever and we are now close to 70 members!
Below you can read more on some of the activites held during 2017 within the network:

- Launched the successful conference, Nordic Conference on Sustainable Healthcare, in partnership with Aktuell Hållbarhet,

- Conducted serveral workshops and seminars,

- Initiated and completed projects, such as Green Procurement of Hospital Textiles, Innovation cluster for energy efficient healthcare, and Internationalisation of innovation clusters

- Arranged several study visits at hospitals,

- Hosted a panel debate at Alemdalen on the topic "How do we make the healthcare sector more sustainable and create business opportunities at the same time?",

- Conducted trainings in sustainable healthcare,

- Initiated the Nordic Procurement Network for Sustainable Healthcare,

- Interview in the Swedish Science Radio (Vetenskapsradion) on the topic "How to make the healthcare more environmental friendly"


We would like to say thank you to all our our members and partners! We look forward to 2018 and all opportunities that it brings and we hope to continue the close collaboration with all of you. We've already updated our calendar with some exciting activities for 2018. Make sure to stay updated by checking our calendar now and then, or sign up to our newsletter to get news on our activites and projects straight to you mailbox. 


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