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The Nordic Conference on Sustainable Healthcare
is the annual Nordic meeting place for everyone involved in making healthcare more sustainable. This year it will take place on February 15th 2018. The conference will gather stakeholders from the healthcare sector for a discussion around challenges that follow the increased requirements to organisations’ environmental impacts and sustainability performance – and solutions to these challenges.

We have now updated the programme with new speakers at some of the parallel sessions. The following speakers have been added: 

- Rosemary Kumwenda, Sustainable Procurement in Health Sector, UNDP
- Charlotte Ruben, Architect and Partner, White Arkitekter 
- Martin Döllmeier, Sales Manager, Cadolto 
- Anna Tenghamamar, Environmental Specialist, Region Västra Götaland
- Daniel J. Vukelich, President Assossiation of Medical Device Reprocessors, USA 

The conference and the exhibition is a meeting place for companies with sustainable solutions from a wide range of sectors – CleanTech, MedTech, Life Science etc. These companies provide services and products that address negative impacts from healthcare, both environmental and social. Moreover, we have invited companies from construction, architecture, logistics, digitalisation and many other sectors and branches that have significant influence on healthcare’s overall sustainability performance.

The conference is in English, and there are seminars in Swedish among the parallel sessions.

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