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    Cleaning Services at Randers Regional Hospital certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

    Press Release from our network member Randers Regional Hospital: 

    Cleaning Services at Randers Regional Hospital in Denmark has been certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel as the first Nordic hospital

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    Sustainability has been high on the agenda at Randers Regional Hospital in recent years and the dedicated focus on green transition is now starting to pay off. As the first Nordic hospital, cleaning services have received the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

    It is not usual that a Danish hospital can boast of a Nordic record. Nevertheless, cleaning services at Randers Regional Hospital has been certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel as the first among the Nordic countries. This environmental certificate documents that the cleaning services comply with strict environmental requirements.

    The sustainable effort by the Service Department is in line with the overall focus on climate, environment and resources in Central Denmark Region.

    - Our vision is that the way we deliver health today must never compromise the possibilities for achieving a healthy life of future generations. The Ecolabel certification of the cleaning services is a great accomplishment for the hospital, and an important step on the way for all of us, says Anders Kühnau, Chairman of Central Denmark Region.

    The Service Department officially received the Nordic Swan Ecolabel certificate by Martin Fabiansen, Director of Ecolabelling Denmark at a reception at the hospital 1 July 2020.

    Green and clean transition – doing more, using less

    The Nordic Swan Ecolabel has been given because the hospital complies with a number of strict requirements for cleaning. All cleaning products used are ecolabelled and are used in the proper doses, minimising the use of chemicals resulting in a reduction of 14.5% annually. The high quality of cleaning is maintained according to a recent external quality control (Insta 800). Moreover, the Service

    Department collaborates with ecolabelled laundry services and window cleaners, and the ecolabelled products are gentler and packaging is recyclable.

    - It is very positive that Randers Regional Hospital as the first Nordic hospital has chosen to certify their cleaning services with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and in this way contributes to the green transition. The cleaning complies with strict environmental requirements and strict requirements for chemicals – for the benefit of both the environment and the staff. At the same time, the quality systems integrated in the Nordic Swan Ecolabel ensure that cleaning is also efficient, says Martin Fabiansen, Director of Ecolabelling Denmark.

    While applying for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the hospital has increased focus on reducing the number of plastic bags and switching to smaller, thinner types of bags when possible. Within less than a year, consumption of plastics has been reduced by 16.3% equivalent to 2.4 tons. This has also positively benefitted the working environment as fewer bins must be emptied and removed when cleaning the floor.

    A green role model hospital

    Since 2018, sustainability has been a key word in Central Denmark Region and Randers Regional Hospital has been a green model hospital from the beginning. In addition to projects in the Service Department, other hospital departments have worked intensively testing new and sustainable work routines by focusing on e.g. waste disposal, reduced consumption, and organic food.

    -Staff has embraced the green transition with great enthusiasm and an enterprising approach. We are proud to receive the Nordic Swan Ecolabel in the Service Department and we have a strong wish also to obtain this label at other hospital departments. We are all enthusiastic about green transition, says Jonas Dahl, CEO at Randers Regional Hospital.

    Sustainability projects are supported by Regional Development Department in Central Denmark Region, but driven by local capacities and initiatives often come from clinicians and other staff with knowledge of the hospital and how it is run.


    For further information, please contact:

    Anders Kühnau (S), Chairman of the Regional Council, Central Denmark Region. Tel.: +45 2360 2768

    Maria Gaden, Chief Project Manager, , Tel +4524676105

    Lisa Olufson Klæsøe, Ecolabelling Denmark. Tel.: +45 3996 6106

    Jonas Dahl, CEO, Randers Regional Hospital. Tel.: +45 2974 4145

    Facts: Presentation of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, 1 July 2020

    On 1 July 2020, the Service Department at Randers Regional Hospital received the Nordic Swan Ecolabel by Martin Fabiansen, CEO Ecolabelling Denmark.


    What does the Nordic Swan Ecolabel mean to the Service Department?

    • Ecolabelled products: Going from 50-60% to 100% of the cleaning products now used by the Service Department have a first class eco-labelling. This means that the products meet strict requirements for chemicals and strict environmental requirements. • More attention to correct dosing: There has been a focus on consumption, which has led to changes in routines and further automatic dosing. This has reduced the consumption of cleaning products with 14.5% or 379 litres annually.

    •Reduced use of plastics: From May 2019 until January 2020, the Service Department has reduced the consumption of plastic bags with 16.3% equivalent to 2.4 tons of plastic.

    Ecolabelling Denmark is responsible for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the EU-Ecolabel in Denmark. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the official ecolabel in the Nordics – an independent certification and one of the world's toughest and most recognised environmental certifications.

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