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    World's Greenest Hospital LIVE + Virdea – the Mediterranean’s Greenest Hospital


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    Grønnköpingkið – the world’s greenest hospital – is the opposite to reinventing the wheel!

    The digital hospital showcases sustainable products and services that are ready to be installed and used in your hospital today – from the Nordics, to the world.

    Participate in this second live webinar of the world's greenest hospital to hear about a selection of these healthcare solutions, and how best to access them. As the icing on the Grønnköpingkið cake, you will also get the opportunity to listen in and participate in a Q&A on the topic of realising the greenest hospital in the world.  

    Presentations of solutions already in the hospital by SilentiaAddax BiosciencesHealthTextiles and Pharmafilter

    Between 15.15–15.30 CET our Italian partner Beside You Group will give an insight into Grønnköpingkið's twin platform Virdea – the Mediterranean’s greenest hospital.

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    Date: 18 April 2023

    Time: 14.00–16.00 CET

    Location: (Hybrid) Zoom or on-site at our Malmö office (Södra Promenaden 51). Do you wish to participate on-site? Send an email to Felicia Hedetoft () with the subject "World's Greenest Hospital LIVE".


    14.00–14.15 Welcome: What is the world's greenest hospital? ǀ Felicia Hedetoft, NCSH

    14.15–14.30 Silentia Screen System – A hygienic and resource efficient alternative to privacy curtains ǀ Jonas Fribo-Søndergaard, Silentia

    14.30–14.45 GAF® (Glyoxal Acid Free) – Formalin free fixative ǀ Michela Gastaldi, Addax Biosciences

    14.45–15.00 Healthcare uniforms – A new standard for PPE: Antimicrobial 'TorTex™' fabric prevents 99.9% of bacteria & virus ǀ Tomas Persson, HealthTextiles

    15.00–15.15 State of the art automated combined treatment of hospital waste and wastewater ǀ Peter Kelly, Pharmafilter

    15.15–15.30 Virdea – the Mediterranean’s greenest hospital ǀ Laura Gamberale, Beside You Group

    15.30–16.00 Q&A

    You can visit the world's greenest hospital today by clicking the button below:

    To Grønnköpingkið

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