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NCSH has with funding from the Swedish Energy Agency conducted a survey and interviews with relevant stakeholders within energy efficient healthcare. The focus has been internationalization, both in terms of collaboration regarding innovation but also export. The report includes a number of conclusions that focus on both challenges that need to be addressed nationally and internationally.

Some of the challenges identified are:
• Home market: It is sometimes difficult for Swedish companies to get their first client and international customers expect the first client to be national.
• Many markets have too low demands when they procure, for example on energy efficiency, which means that Swedish innovations that could be best on the market can’t compete. We need to show international stakeholders whats solutions are on the market so the demands in procurment gets high enough for Swedish solutions.
• LCC: Both nationally and internationally there is too little focus on Life cycle costs.
• National export organizations in Sweden wants to focus on China, India, USA while the companies are mostly interested in the Nordics, Germany, Holland, UK and Europe in general.
• There is a need for joint platforms that can initiate and facilitate international collaborations.
The report is in Swedish with focus on the Swedish market. But the results are probably for the most part applicable for all Nordic countries and for the whole scope of Sustainable Healthcare.

Report: Hinderanalys - Internationalisering av energieffektiv sjukvård (Swedish) (pdf)

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